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  • Dog Waste Notice
    Homeowners: Juniper Landscape has notified the Association that areas with an excess of pet waste cannot be mowed, per company policy.
    Please ensure you are cleaning up after your pet each time, as it is not only an association requirement, but also a Brevard County Ordinance:
    Chapter 14, Section 59, of Brevard County Animal Control Ordinances states; It shall be the responsibility of the owner, or person in control of the animal, to dispose of or remove any excretions caused by the animal.
  • Valve Replacement Notice
    Homeowners: please refrain from accessing the individual irrigation valve boxes that control the sprinklers on your lot. We have seen an uptick in the number of valve replacements having to be done due to homeowners manually turning on/off, and over tightening the irrigation valves. When a system is manually turned on, it also affects the programming of other homesites in that zone and could prevent neighboring properties from receiving water. The unauthorized adjustments to these valves will continue to create an unnecessary expense for the association until this is resolved.
  • Juniper Landscape
    To access the Juniper Landscape homeowner portal, please use the following link:
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